Monday, 18 May 2009

DriveWay - Upload and share multiple large files up to 500 MB each for free

DriveWay is a free file-sharing service that ups the upload limit for each individual file to 500 MB and has no upload or download limits either. You can Send Files for Read, which allows someone to just download your file, or you can Send Files for Edit, which allows the recipient to edit the file (Word docs, Excel files, or PowerPoint presentations).

After you upload a file, you’ll receive an email with the read/edit it links that you can then paste into your emails, blogs, etc. There are no time limit restrictions on uploaded files either, so you can download your files at any time in the future also.

The cool and unique feature of DriveWay is their online editing feature for Microsoft Office documents. Once you upload a file and mark it as editable, the recipients will download a DriveWay widget which will allow them to edit the document directly on the DriveWay systems.

Users do not have to re-upload the files in order for the changes to be seen by anyone else. Click Open to work on the file directly or click Save to save a shortcut to the document on your desktop. Using the second method, you don’t have to refer back to the email for the link anymore and can simply open the shortcut. Note, however, that you must have Office installed on your computer already to edit the documents.

A useful site for those who need to move around large files quickly and easily.

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