Sunday, 17 May 2009

Easy to manager your password with KeyDb

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keydb is a simple, secure and portable application that enables you to easily create, store and retrieve login information used on password protected web sites. You remember One Master password and keydb stores the others.

keydb promotes the use of both strong and unique passwords for the sites that require secure registration. Being portable you can easily transport keydb on a USB key or similar storage device and always have access to your passwords. Knowing that the password file uses[Rijndael 256 bit key encryption] you can feel confident that your information is secure even if the a password file gets lost or stolen.

keydb key features

* Ease of use
* Encrypts password files [Rijndael 256 bit key]
* Portable
* Create unlimited password files.
* Find entries quickly by (filtering and sorting).
* Random password generator
* Customizable categories.
* Ability to archive (rarely used) items.

There is no installation as keydb is a completely self contained executable that runs on any version of windows from 98 to Vista.

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