Saturday, 30 May 2009

EncodeHD - Re-encode all types of media files for use on any media devices

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The EncodeHD application was designed to be a tool to re-encode all types of video files for use on your home MediaPlayer or on-the-go device. It aims to provide a simple interface with no fuss.


· This application requires the .NET Framework 2.0 to be installed

Supported Devices:

- Apple TV
- BlackBerry 8100 Pearl
- BlackBerry 8200 KickStart
- BlackBerry 8300 Curve
- BlackBerry 8700 Electron
- BlackBerry 8800 Indigo
- BlackBerry 8900 Javenlin
- BlackBerry 9000 Bold
- BlackBerry 9500 Storm
- iPhone
- iPod Classic
- iPod Nano

- iPod Touch
- PlayStation 3
- PSP (PlayStation Portable)
- Western Digital TV
- X-Box 360
- Zune

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